We at School24by7 invites you to be part of our family and start using our complete online school management software. Below We are answering few question which you must be having in your mind.

Who are We(School24by7)?

We are group of Software engineers passionate about changing our surroundings and contributing to Digital India Dream. We are helping educational institutes(School/Coaching/College) to digitise their institute and enabling them to reduce their paper work by 80-90% and everything from their mobile, no need of any laptop. All your school data at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.

How safe is our system?

Safety is our top most priority and We ensure that Your data is safe with us. Your data is immune to any machine failure, any virus attack, any type of hack. We keep a daily backup of our system making it immune from any machine failures, virus attack etc. We don't share your data with anyone. We can get into a legal contract for this. We are very serious about the data security and will always ensure that your data is never leaked.

How much do we charge?

We charge Rs. 1 per student per month. Yes you read it right. We are not into profit business here, instead our focus is to help society in digitizing their data. We believe we will be able to recover our server cost in this price. We also charge for third party services like SMS, Attendance machine, Extra storage for your videos, audios, books etc(As we are using third party for these things and they charge for it, not everyone is like us :) ).

How easy is to learn our app?

I would say very easy, not because it is ours but, it is very intuitive UI, fully compatible in mobile. All the actions are from main menu and sub menu which can be identified easily. We have training docs as well, however, it was not needed till now.

How can a school/coaching/college use school24by7?

Any educational institute willing to use our application, can just click on register menu and fill out the form. Once you submit, Our team will reach out to you within 24 hours with your account details.

What about if you need any other feature which is not there in school24by7?

Don't worry, As we said, We have passionate developer working with us, We would be able to develop every single feature you request free of cost if the feature requested is very common and needed for other school. If you have any usecase very particular to your school, we will develop it for you and will communicate the charges after analyzing the requirements.

What type of schools can use School24by7?

School24by7 is for every school, whether its a school chain, individual school, small school, large school or coaching institute of any size. Everyone wants to move to manage their institute with the help of technology can use it.

How are we handling issues faced by our customer?

Customer has our support team numbers. They can reach out to us anytime and we do our best to resolve the issues as early as possible.

How do I login to school24by7?

  • If you are a school/coaching/college owner, then register your institute by filling out registration form.
  • If you are a teacher or student or non teaching staff and your institute is using school24by7 then you must have received login creadentials on your mobile via SMS from SCLIND id, If you have not received the sms, then please check with the administrator of your institute if account has been created for you. If account is not created, then you will receive credentials as soon as your account is created and if account is created, then ask your userid and password from administrator.

What all features do we provide in our School Management Software?

We have below modules.

  • Student - Manage all your student data, search any student profile, transfer them to another class, promote them to next class, download their id card in a single click, export their data to excel format and share it with anyone like (id card builders) in a single click. Soft copy of Id card can be given to Id card company to print them or We also have tied up with few Id card printing company and will get id card delivered to your school with 2-3 days without any error.
  • Teacher - Have record of each and every teachers working in your school, their attendance, salary details etc.
  • Class/Batch - Manage Batch and class, information about batch capacity, timings etc.
  • Notes/Assignment/Lecture - Upload any study material, assignment, video lectures etc and assign them to all or selected students of batch/class. Students can view them from their account. Students can upload the assignment response from their mobile
  • Question - create your own questions, search them on your fingertips, this is base for any assignment, question paper, online test etc. It will reduce your typing cost more than 50%. Questions once created can be easily picked into question paper, online test etc.
  • Question Paper - Create question paper in few clicks, just provide few details and select already approved questions and generate the question paper, take a print and distribute in a class. Question Paper module enables a school to be self dependent for all the major/minor exams, quiz etc.
  • Test - We offer online and offline test. Test can be assigned to all or selected students and their marks can be uploaded in case of offline and in case of online, marks will be auto calculated. It will save lots of time in checking the test copies(Many schools are already using it for class 6 onwards). Test result can be released. Mark sheet will automatically generated. Student will be notified about their results. Report card will be generated for whole batch within a second.
  • Open Test - test which can be taken by students outside your institute, can be used during admission.
  • Fee - Create fees and assign to all or selected students. Provide special discounts to selected students. Fee dues for students can be found in a click. Fee reminder to all students to pay their fees. Fee receipt is generated and will be shared with students via SMS and student can see it in their account. Unified batch wise view for fee paid. Demand Bill generation in a single click. Online payment through app/website.
  • Extra Fee - This modules helps in tracking extra fees like book fee, dress fee, Saraswati Puja etc. Any other fee which is not part of monthly fee. A receipt would be generated which can be accessed by students and sms will be sent with payment details.
  • Salary - Calculate salary given for all the teaching and non teaching staffs. A sms will be sent on payment and a Salary receipt will be accessible to teacher from their account.
  • Expense - This module helps in tracking of all the expenses you have incur during a financial year. You can keep track of every rupees spent towards anything related to your school. Finance Yearly snapshot - This modules give an overview of total payment received, total salary given, total expenses. This gives you complete picture of your profit/loss.
  • Attendance - This module offers attendance management of student, teacher, non teaching staffs. For student, there are options to send absent sms. We also have integration with finger print systems to trasnfer your data automatically to your server which will never be lost. Unified batch wise view for attendance.
  • Public Holiday - This modules helps in keeping track of holidays and will be shown in every student and teacher calendar.
  • SMS - This module keep tracks of all the sms sent. Option to resend any failed sms. Option to send sms during batch suspension due to unavoiding situation.
  • Gallery - Manage all your school event images which can be accessed by all the students.
  • App Configuration - Manage your school logo, address, name, sms configurations etc of your school.
  • Website - We provide a website builder where you can create content/images etc for school. There is no additional charges for your website, it will be hosted in your account and on our domain. Student Enquiry, Teacher Enquiry, Public Gallery, Fee details would be part of your website by default. All of these can be managed from your own school24by7 account.

This is not the end of it. We assure you that we would be adding more and more features on this.Few features in pipeline areTelegram messaging, App notification, Multiple template choosing option for websites